All of Fischinger's films were originally made in 35mm unless noted.

In Germany:
1. [Wax Experiments], 1921-1926. Experiments, not publicly shown by Fischinger as an individual film. 
2. Orgelstabe [Staffs], 1923-27, Experiments, b/w and tinted, several versions. A later short test (1933) was printed with the Gasparcolor process.
3. Stromlinien (Currents), c. 1925. Experiments, b/w & tinted, silent. Fragments.
4. [Spirals], 1926, b/w, silent. Experiments, probably not originally shown by Fischinger, except as part of the footage in his Raumlichtkunst 1920's multiple projector performances.
5. Pierrette (unfinished) from Munchener Bilderbogen Series (1924-26) with Louis Seel
6. Multiple projector performances, first with Alexander László's Farblichtmusik concerts, then on his own, a series of Raumlichtkunst performances, titled Fieber, Vakuum and Macht (Power), c. 1926-27; later, possibly R-1, Formspiel (R-1, a Form-Play). B/W & tinted, accompanied by various music. Two attempts at re-creation and reconstruction exist:

r1 moritz

William Moritz/Fischinger Archive's 35mm Cinemascope recreation of R-1 ein Formspiel, 1993; made in association with Deutsches Filmmuseum (image above). Related: Center for Visual Music's recent reconstruction of Raumlichtkunst (c.1926/2012) as a 3-screen HD installation, more info here.
7. Seelische Konstruktionen (Spiritual Constructions), c.1927, b/w, silent. A later version with sound was assembled by William Moritz/Fischinger Archive, for limited 16mm distribution. This version also contained 3 short animated fragments at the beginning. This version is not in distribution as of 2011.
8. Munchen-Berlin Wanderung (Walking from Munich to Berlin), 1927, b/w, silent. Experiment. Not screened publicly by Fischinger.
9. Fiesta, 1932 (fragment)
10. Studie Nr. 1, c.1929, b/w, silent (originally accompanied by live organ music).
11. Studie Nr. 2, c.1930, b/w, originally accompanied by sound on record
12. Studie Nr. 3, 1930, b/w, originally accompanied by sound on record
13. Studie No. 4, 1930, b/w (lost?)
14. R.5, Ein Spiel in Linien, aka Studie No. 5, 1930, b/w, sound. Online excerpt at CVM's vimeo channel.
15. Studie Nr. 6, 1930, b/w, sound.
16. Studie Nr. 7, 1930-31, b/w, sound.
17. Studie Nr. 8, 1931, b/w, sound.
18. Studie Nr. 9, 1931, b/w, sound. Supervised by Oskar; drawn by Hans Fischinger.
19. [Liebesspiel], c. 1934, b/w, silent. Named later by Elfriede Fischinger.
20. Studie Nr. 10, 1932, b/w, sound.
21. Studie Nr. 11, 1932, b/w, sound.
22. Studie Nr. 12, 1932, b/w, sound, drawn by Hans Fischinger.
23. Koloraturen (Coloratura), 1932, b/w, sound.
24. Ornament Sound Experiments, c. 1932, b/w, sound
25. Studie Nr. 13, 1933/4, b/w, sound, unfinished; aka [Coriolan Fragment]
26. Kreise (Circles), 1933-34, Gasparcolor, sound. Tolirag ad version.
Online excerpt at CVM's vimeo channel.

27. Kreise (Circles), 1934, Gasparcolor, sound. Abstract version.
28. Ein Spiel in Farben (A Play in Colors), 1934, color, sound; aka Studie No. 11a
29. Quadrate (Squares), 1934, Gasparcolor, silent.
30. Muratti Greift Ein (Muratti Gets in the Act), 1934, Gasparcolor, sound.
31. Swiss Trip: Rivers and Landscapes, 1934, b/w, sound.
32. Muratti Privat, c.1935, b/w, sound.
33. Euthymol Ad: Pink Guards On Parade, 1935, Gasparcolor (uncompleted). Moritz reconstruction, 2000.
34. Late Berlin Work, 1933-35:
-Muratti tests
-Meluka cigarettes ad
-Various Gasparcolor tests, 1933-34, color, silent

35. Komposition in Blau (Composition in Blue), 1935, Gasparcolor, sound.
originally aka Lichtkonzert Nr. 1 (Light-Concert No. 1)

In Los Angeles:
Allegretto, 1936-1943, 3 versions
36. Allegretto, Early Verson (made at Paramount but not printed in color there); color, sound.
37. [Paragretto] b/w version at Paramount
38. Allegretto, Late or 'popular' version, 1943, color, sound (made with the support of The Museum of Non-Objective Painting)

39. An Optical Poem, 1937, color, sound (made for MGM)
40. An American March, 1941, color, sound (made with the support of The Museum of Non-Objective Painting)
41. [Organic Fragment], 1941 (not filmed by Oskar). Reconstruction by Moritz and Barbara Fischinger, 1984, color, silent.
42. Radio Dynamics, 1942, color, silent.
43. Motion Painting No. 1, 1947, color, sound (made with the support of The Museum of Non-Objective Painting)

44. Muntz TV Commercial, 1952, b/w, sound.
45. Advertising Films, early 1950s, incl. Oklahoma Gas, Pure Oil (unfinished), Sugar Pops (unfinished), and soundtrack for Northern Tissue ad
46. Stereo Film test, 1952, color, silent.
47. Motion Painting No. 2 and No. 3 (fragments), 1957, and c. 1960. 16mm, color, silent.


Numerous unshot animation drawings and Pencil Tests; numerous fragments and tests, particularly from the Frankfurt and Munich years. Special effects for Sinflut, 1927 (some of these fragments and tests can be seen on the Oskar Fischinger: Ten Films DVD). Some fragments have been restored, many others must still be restored and digitized.

Early advertising work and special effects for commercials, industrials, features (Berlin); including special effects for Dein Schicksal (1928), UFA films, and Fritz Lang's Frau im Mond (1929)
Animation drawings and designs for Fantasia, Walt Disney Studio, 1938-1939

Synthetic Sound experiments, 1948 and 1955 (sound only)

Mutoscope Reels, c. 1945. Reconstruction by Dr. Moritz and Barbara Fischinger, 1984
Special effects for 5 Star Rocket television program, Los Angeles.

Misc. home movies, Berlin and Los Angeles, 35mm, 16mm and 8mm, including "Bon Voyage Party"" footage.

Lumigraph (machine) loaned for Time Travellers feature film (footage not produced by Oskar)


Hans Fischinger: Dance of the Colors, 1939, color, sound

Elfriede Fischinger: Lumigraph Film, c. 1969 (several versions), 16mm, color. Made with the assistance of Conrad Fischinger (and Moritz?). Link to Lumigraph drawing. Also see her article, Writing Light. Online excerpt (silent) on CVM's vimeo channel.

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