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     squares  rd  one line

Left, original goache from the film Squares, 1934
Center, still from Radio Dynamics, 1942
Right, One Line, 1949 oil



New Fischinger book! Oskar Fischinger: Experiments in Cinematic Abstraction (2013). Edited by Cindy Keefer and Jaap Guildemond, distributed by Thames & Hudson worldwide. Available now in UK & Europe; advance copies in North America through Center for Visual Music, Los Angeles. Cover images from the film Kreise.


Raumlichtkunst, a three-projector HD installation, is a reconstruction with newly restored film elements, of Fischinger's 1920s mutliple projector cinema performances. Raumlichtkunst was restored and produced by the Center for Visual Music, Los Angeles. Listed in Artforum's "Best of 2012" lists. The New York Times declared, " exhilarating phantasmagoria of abstraction and metaphor." (Ken Johnson, 2012)

Recently on view:

GoMA/QAG, Brisbane, 2014-2015
Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2013
Tate Modern, London, June 2012 through March 2013.
Whitney Museum, New York. "Oskar Fischinger: Space Light Art, A Film Environment." June through October 2012.

The first DVD in a series, Oskar Fischinger: Ten Films. 2006 release. 

Order the first DVD through Center for Visual Music (CVM) in Los Angeles. If you are ordering for a school, university, library or institution please use the Institutional Order Form. Please note, this DVD may not be used for public performances or public exhibition..

"If you love animation, or modern art, or computer graphics, consider it a must" - Leonard Maltin. Contains ten of Fischinger's classic Visual Music films - Allegretto, Motion Painting No. 1, Radio Dynamics, Spiritual Constructions, Study nr. 6, Study nr. 7, Kreise, Spirals, Wax Experiments, Walking from Munich to Berlin, plus many Special Features: home movies from Fischinger's Berlin Studio c. 1931, never-released early animation tests and fragments, a selection of paintings by Fischinger, a selection of biographical photos, film notes by Fischinger and others, and a biography. Produced by Center for Visual Music in association with Fischinger Archive and Jack Rutberg Fine Arts.

In the US, the DVD can also be purchased from CVM, and at selected museum bookshops such as the Whitney Museum, New York.
In Europe, in London (BFI Southbank Filmshop), Paris (HEEZA), through Walter Koenig in Germany, and sometimes Image Movement in Berlin.
In Japan, through Meditations.


still from Kreise, 1933-34

Films: Access and Distribution

Rentals, 16mm:
US: Canyon Cinema, San Francisco -, phone:: 415-626-2255
Europe: Light Cone, Paris -, +33 (0)1 46 59 01 53 (also a few 35mm prints)


still from Allegretto, 1936-43

A Retrospective Tribute of Oskar's films: Oskar Fischinger: Optical Poetry, featuring 35mm restored prints of Allegretto, Radio Dynamics, Kreise, Motion Painting No. 1, Study nr. 5, 6 and 7, American March, and other films is available for rental from Center for Visual Music, to venues capable of archival projection standards. There are 2 programs available, the first of popular classic Visual Music films, and a second program of Rarely-Seen works. Please contact CVM at least 30 days in advance of playdate. Contact cvmaccess (at) gmail (dot) com. The Retrospective contains many new preserved prints, preserved by The Fischinger Trust, the Academy Film Archives and others. Selected 35mm prints are also available for rental through Light Cone, Paris.

Radio Dynamics by Oskar Fischinger screens at "Visual Music" at MOCA Los Angeles, 2005

Contact The Fischinger Trust at for other Licensing, Museum Exhibition Requests and Special Permissions. 

allstill from Allegretto, 1936-43

Please note that many requests are declined due to insufficient information, unacceptable spaces, or lack of preparation time or budget. For individual screening programs, such as single night screenings, the work should be screened on film.

Requests to screen the films with new music or live scores - we do not give permission to screen Oskar's visual music (sound) films with new music. Requests may be considered for only a few of the silent films (not Radio Dynamics), please provide full information. Due to past problems, we do not license excerpts of the films for use in music videos.

ONLINE examples of selected films including Studie nr 5, Studie nr 8, Kreise, Wax Experiments, the Lumigraph film and others are at CVM's vimeo channel. These are the only authorized clips online.


ptg 1     ptg 2

Fischinger created over 800 paintings in his lifetime. Many are in major museums and collections worldwide, including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Solomon Guggenheim Museum New York, Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena CA; and Yale University's Art Gallery. The Fischinger Trust's exclusive dealer for the paintings owned by us will be listed shortly. The Peyton-Wright Gallery has Fischinger paintings. is Peyton-Wright Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Center image above, Koda/Triple Study, 1942 oil

Contact the Fischinger Trust for matters regarding the paintings and drawings of Oskar Fischinger:

Photographs and Images

Please direct requests for image reproduction permission, and other image permission requests to - please provide full and specific details regarding the publication and requested use (print only, ebook, online, etc; circulation or print run, editor of book if applicable, publication date, etc.). If you are seeking reproduction permission for images to accompany an article, please email text of the article as well. Requests generally require 2-4 weeks processing time. Permission is required before publishing a photograph of Fischinger, a still from his films or an image of his paintings.


kreise study

Movement diagram for the film Kreise (1933-34)

Papers, Research Material

The Fischinger Trust is currently not open to the public. 

Some materials, including an original Lumigraph, Motion Painting panels, a few paintings, some animation drawings from Kreise, and some papers (German language, some selections from Oskar's early business papers) are at:   in Frankfurt, Germany.



Biography - Short and Longer

Selected Bibliography (on External site, the CVM Fischinger Research pages)

Also see William Moritz's Fischinger biography "Optical Poetry: The Life and Work of Oskar Fischinger" published in April 2004 by John Libbey & Co. Available on worldwide.

Film descriptions in Canyon Cinema catalog

News and Announcements

Bill Moritz and Elfriede Fischinger

Request for Information

If you own a Fischinger painting, drawing, or cel, we would appreciate hearing from you. We are maintaining a catalog raisonne and documenting all of the paintings, and appreciate receiving information.

We are also interested in documents, papers, letters and information regarding Oskar Fischinger, particularly correspondence from Oskar. Contact:


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For an extensive bibliography please see CVM's Bibliography at their Fischinger research site.

Elfriede Fischinger, c. 1932

Assorted Links:

Dreams of Abstract Mass Media, by Scott Sona Snibbe, July 2010
Oskar's Oklahoma Gas ad on CVM's Vimeo channel, plus a clip from one of Elfriede's Lumigraph performances
Wavelengths by Ed Halter, in Village Voice, New York, December 2005
Oskar Fischinger, Fast on the Draw. Review of Painting Exhibition, Washington Post, Sept. 15, 2005
Cartoon in Montreal Mirror, June 2005
Review of Moritz's book "Optical Poetry." by Robin Allan. AWN, 2004
Motion Painting No. 1 on
The Missing Link: Oskar Fischinger Between European Avant-Garde and New American Cinema, March 2002 by Walter Schobert, at Edinburgh, Scotland Conference "Avant-Garde"
Art in America Review, Oskar Fischinger at Jack Rutberg, June 2001 by Michael Duncan
Review of Painting Exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles, 2000 by Ray Zone
Review of Painting Exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, by Mario Cutajar
Artscene: Oskar Fischinger by Mario Cutajar
Milestones of the Animation Industry in the 20th Century, 2000, by Karl Cohen, in Animation World Magazine
Cross-Influence in Abstract German Animation of the Silent Era, 2000
Motion Painting selected for The National Film Registry, Library of Congress, 1997
Oskar Fischinger: A Retrospective Notes on his paintings by Susan Ehrlich, for Tobey Moss Gallery, 1988
John Cage audio interview on KPFA, 1987 (discusses how he met Fischinger)
AskArt Listing: contains brief bibliography of art books and art periodicals regarding Fischinger

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